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Healthy spine - method spiralstabilization

Courses in London, United Kingdom
COURSE DATE: 25th November - 28th November 2018
4 Days Course PRICE: New Attendees £569, Previous Attendees £469
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Spiral Stabilization Course

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Dr Richard Smisek & Jana Mitackova - Muscle Chains

Anatomy, function, training and their application within treatment, prevention and sport.

20th October – 23rd October, 2018. 9am - 5pm.
CPD: 20 CPD points (accreditation provided by Complementary Health Professionals)
COURSE TUTOR: Dr Richard Smisek (Prague, Czech Republic) & Jana Mitackova
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical doctors
  • Massage therapists
  • Health & Fitness professionals

Anatomy and physiology knowledge.

The aim of the course is to clarify the anatomy of the muscle chains and their function, muscle chains activation and relaxation during Spiral Stabilization exercises and to demonstrate the possibilities of their use within treatment, prevention and sports.
Muscle chain training (Spiral Stabilization exercises) allows for the treatment and prevention of:
  • Intervertebral disc herniation
  • Scoliosis
  • Chronic back pain
  • Complications after spinal surgery
  • Hip and knee joint disorders
Course attendees will be informed about the effective treatment of the above disorders and taught therapeutic exercise programme and manual therapy techniques using spiral muscle chains. They will be then able to begin using the Spiral Stabilization method with their own patients/clients.
The course exercise and manual therapy techniques can also be applied to different conditions in addition to the above. Please see the full list of conditions here.

Day 1 & Day 2:
  • Theoretical part – Muscle chain anatomy, function and training. Treatment and prevention of disc herniation.
  • Practical part – Spiral Stabilization exercises.
Day 3 & Day 4:
  • Theoretical part – Treatment and prevention of scoliosis. Application of Spiral Stabilization within sport.
  • Practical part – Spiral Stabilization manual therapy techniques in sitting and lying positions.


DAY 1, DAY 2
Muscle chains
  • Classification according to the function (spiral & vertical chains)
  • The main spiral and vertical chains, their use for walking and running, the effect on the spine
  • The main principles necessary for the correct spiral chain activation
  • Spiral muscle chains
  • Movement stabilisation
Spiral muscle chains
Muscle anatomyLatissimus dorsi, Trapezius, Serratus anterior, Pectoralis major chains
  • Function within gait
  • Effect on the spine and joints
  • Activation of the chains during exercises
  • Reciprocal inhibition
  • Muscle chain disorders
  • Negative factors preventing chain activation
  • Treatment & prevention of spine, joint and internal organ disorders using spiral chains
  • Stable gait training – spirally stabilised gait
  • Running technique – spirally stabilised running
  • Athletes training – conditioning, regeneration, overload and injury prevention, correct movement coordination during sports
  • Exercises for spiral chains activation – sitting, standing positions, exercise technique correction, chain palpation, group exercise session

DAY 3, DAY 4
Vertical muscle chains
Muscle anatomyErector spinae, Quadratus lumborum, Iliopsoas, Rectus abdominis chains
  • Stabilisation at rest
  • Function within gait
  • Effect on the spine and joints
  • Activation, relaxation and stretching of the chain during Spiral Stabilization exercises
  • Reciprocal inhibition
  • Muscle chain disorders
  • Treatment & prevention of spine, joint and internal organ disorders using chain inhibition
  • Stable gait training using chain inhibition – spirally stabilised gait
  • Running technique using chain inhibition – spirally stabilised running
  • Athletes training using chain inhibition – conditioning, regeneration, overload and injury prevention, correct movement coordination during sports
  • Emphasis on lumbar spine compression (main cause of low back pain), relaxation
  • Exercise practice – exercise technique correction for inhibition and stretching of vertical chains, chain palpation and reciprocal inhibition, group exercise session

Q & A
If you wish to discuss your clients’ treatment programmes please bring their X-rays and MRI scans for a discussion (examination, diagnosis and a treatment programme).

To ensure that you learn and perform Spiral Stabilization exercises correctly, there will be continual assessment throughout the course. Dr Smisek and Jana Mitackova will examine, correct and provide feedback for the duration of the course.
All course attendees will receive a CPD certificate after completion of the course allowing them to use the method in their respective practices.
The course programme will include regular tea breaks, including small snacks, and a lunch break. Please note that lunch is not provided.
We will be going through exercises every day, so please ensure that you bring suitable clothing to enable you to perform the practical part of the course comfortably. Female course attendees are advised to wear a sports bra for manual therapy techniques. We recommend not wearing jewellery for these parts of the course.
We advise all course attendees to have professional liability insurance to cover them for the practical part of the course.
Should you wish to take notes during the course, we recommend that you bring your own note-pad or tablet.
Spiral Stabilization exercise equipment will be available for use and for purchase during the course. Both cash and card payments will be accepted.
The course price includes free access to our exercise videos package.

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